Christina Perri, Radial, The Californians etc.

Welcome to the home of bassist (Christina Perri), producer (Radial), songwriter (The Californians), Wayne G. Miller.

Hey Everyone! (anyone!) Sorry for the extreme delay in posting an update. I know most people keep up on instagram and twitter these days so full-on websites like this may be a bit dated but I should do a better job of keeping this thing up to date anyway.

I’m working with the lovely Christina Perri now as her bassist/band leader/music director. I am happily updating this blog from Vienna, Austria where I am doing promo performances with her right now. I’m also super-jamming out to my good friend James Bowen’s Droid Bishop sound cloud right now-

I’m also SUPER excited to have produced the first single for an amazing band called Radial. They’re from Puerto Rico but they’re living in LA now. Look out for them in 2014, they’re so legit. These days and for the foreseeable future, I’ll be bouncing back and forth between the studio writing with James (our project is called The Californians) and traveling with Christina Perri. Her new record “Head or Heart” will be out on March 11th. Its been a good 2014 so far!


Hey All,

Back from China! Good times were had, great crowds! Now back to work in the studio!

Studio update- Just finished two full-length records on bass. One for Matthew Saba (produced by Chris Franz) and one for Tanner Patrick (produced by Carlos De La Garza). Next week I’m heading to Big Bear for a 4 day session in a giant cabin up there for Troy Baker’s new record (produced by Johnny What). Should be good times!

Got 3 new basses recently that I’m really digging- Fender Pawn Shop Mustang (re-issue with a telecaster bass-style humbucker), Peavy T40 (1981 Made in USA goodness with a TON of tone options) and an OLP Stingray 5-string (first ever 5 for me, made in China, really cool for a budget bass).

I’ve also been writing with Drew Molleur of Bad Axis for his upcoming record and my good ol buddy James Bowen for TV and film stuff. I feel like we’re really getting somewhere with our songs and our sounds. Good stuff!

Here’s some photos for fun-

Late is better than never!

Hi! Just a quick update on what I’ve been up to since late 2012 (I gotta get back to listening to the new JT record that just downloaded)-

Finished the Distortion Mirrors record in late 2012.

Started a really fun and really productive writing/production team with my good friend James Bowen. We’re currently writing and recording music for some upcoming short films.

Recorded bass for and mixed James David’s new EP. Check out 

Currently rehearsing with Olivia Somerlyn, Malea McGuinness and James David all of whom I am musical director for.

I’m gearing up to hit the road (or the sky really) with Lenka again. Her third record is due out in the next couple months. We’ll be in China in late April/early May.

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Be well.

Late July/August

Hey there, you are the few, the few who probably read this little blog. Thanks for being one of the few! This little blog exists simply to keep interested parties abreast of what I am working on. Below this text are a bunch of photos of recent session, trips and other stuff, enjoy!

July and August are playing hosts to lots of diverse projects for me. Here’s a nearly comprehensive list-

Summertime Soldier EP- Mixing

Kevin Yap EP- Mastering

Malea McGuinness- demos (Mixing), Summerfest performance (Bass), tracking dates at East/West w Mark Needham (Bass)

Trapdoor Social- Bass for live performances

Distortion Mirrors EP- Production, Engineering, Mixing

Ashley Willis EP- Production, Engineering, Musician, Mixing

Amanda Lamb- Musical Director and Bass for live performances

Documentary on brain injury- Mixing

Til next time, as a good friend once said, keep the main thing the main thing and I’ll talk to you soon!




busy in the cave

I hope the start of summer is treating you all well!

After spending May sitting around contemplating the mysteries of life, June has proven that there’s far more mystery to how I’m going to get everything done in 24 hours than how the NBA let the finals only last 5 games!

One quite lovely thing that I have been able to do amidst all the work is spend some time traversing Los Angeles in search of the best coffee available. My good friend Cornelius and I have been going down the list and crossing off each reputable place in town- Cafe Organico, Proof Bakery, Paper of Plastik, Tiago Espresso, Coffee Commissary, Cafe Luxxe, Lamill and of course the usual suspects like Intelligentsia and Handsome Coffee. Its been a much needed reprieve from the craziness that has been music.

Here’s a few things that I have been up to the past few weeks- Mixing a full length record (Distortion Mirrors- Diana, Orchid of Diamonds available now!), playing shows with Mariah McManus (Hotel Cafe residency Thursdays in June), recording voice overs and dubbing for some TV dramas, recording original music for a promo short film, doing bass tracks for Troy Welstad (, doing pre-production for a new Malea McGuiness record, mixing demos for Malea McGuinness, rehearsing for a few shows with Trapdoor Social and last but certainly not least, playing for my beloved Mosaic community!

Up next- Summerfest in Milwaukee with Malea McGuinness, writing and recording in good ole Portland, OR with Troy Welstad and a sweet show with my good friend Sanders Quarry on July 12th at Molly Malones!

til next time,